American Heritage DOGFIGHT™ World War I Air Battle Game
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Dogfight - Reissue Edition

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Deluxe Gamer's Special

New Cardboard Meets Vintage Plastic — the Best of Both Worlds! Includes a NEW, fully Reconstructed Game Box, Reconstructed Card Holder Insert, Reproduction Cardboard Dividers, 16 Reproduction Anti-Aircraft Markers (in NEW Punchcards!) Reproduction Plane Holders, Reproduction Wooden Dice, 4 complete Decks of Reproduction Squadron Cards, and a full set of previously played Original Milton Bradley plastic gaming parts, including 12 Planes, 4 Plane Stands, 6 Round Ace Markers, 6 Cross Ace Markers, and Original game board. Includes Reproduction Rule Book.

Almost a brand new game, and almost as good as digging through the attic and finding a game that was played one time on Christmas Morning in 1963!


*Does not include tax, license, dealer prep, service charge, delivery, invoice, excise, freight, shipping, destination charges, postage, handling, non-resident fee, undercoating, mandatory insurance, or a modest gratuity.

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