American Heritage DOGFIGHT™ World War I Air Battle Game
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Reconstructed Game Box

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Reconstructed Game Box

We have redefined the term “painstaking” in our efforts to reconstruct Dogfight game boxes to their original specifications, and the subtle differences are intentional to discourage the misrepresentation of this cardboard art as first editions from 1962 -1963. The graphics are authentic in detail, and true to the original colors. We have also made minor improvements in construction to address the structural shortcoming (meaning wimpiness) of the Milton Bradley design.

Each Reconstructed Game Box includes a Reconstructed Card Holder Insert (as shown), a central interior element that is nearly impossible to find without wear or damage. This option is perfect for those with a complete game at home, looking for the ever-elusive original box in excellent condition.

We have included images of a typical “taped-to-death” original box side by side with our Reconstructed version simply for comparison sake, and it will not be included.


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