American Heritage DOGFIGHT™ World War I Air Battle Game
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Anti-Aircraft Guns

Another example of good game design gone wrong are the Dogfight Anti-Aircraft markers. Easily identifiable as a game piece, they nonetheless were often lost in action due to their size and shape. The cardboard laminate construction did not hold up well to spilt beer…I mean soda….and they were apparently just the right size and colorful enough to attract the attention of teething younger siblings and puppies. The anti-aircraft markers are also the most varied playing piece, with designs changing in shape, color, and background during production runs. Known variations include round with no background (white guns), round with no background (black guns), round with a hatched background (white guns), round with a hatched background (black guns) and square without background (black guns), although others may exist. A common effective strategy in Dogfight is strafing planes; it’s difficult to fully appreciate the tactic without these playing pieces. Although we offer the above variations in both “HIT” and “MISS” primarily to replace missing game parts, the temptation to “bolster” your field defenses by subbing in an extra “HIT” can be satisfied as well. All variations are offered at $3.00 Condition of wear and color can be matched to existing pieces if a sample is provided. Complete punchcards containing matched sets of 8 AA markers are offered at $30.00 for the true restoration perfectionist.

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