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Ace Markers

Ace markers are our most popularly requested item. Two theories exist about this. The first is that the green markers look like, well, NOT like a game piece, and any adult finding one on the floor would be hard pressed to recognize it as a stylized cockade. (Little planes, sure, but green plastic Chinese money?) The second theory suggests that the little red crosses were so cool that they were quickly separated from the game and used as “Medals” or lunchbox decorations. Personally, I think they are simply the right shape and texture for sliding between couch cushions, and I have found two in furniture at second hand stores…checking couches is another discussion I won’t go into here. As with planes and wings, the green Ace markers come in 5 different shades, depending on production. Existing pieces can be matched, or entire sets matched and sent. The red markers tend to be quite uniform in color. Ace markers are bargain priced at $2.00.

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