American Heritage DOGFIGHT™ World War I Air Battle Game
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Mint condition boxes are one of the hardest items to come by. Collectors, rather than gamers, recognize that the survival rate of cardboard exposed to the elements in a typical household is low, while the desirability of perfect examples is high. We have many boxes in good to very good condition, and occasionally have near mint or mint examples. Prices range from $10.00 to $80.00. Poorer examples are more common and much cheaper, of course, and more suitable for someone looking to own a complete original for gaming or framing for display, rather than for collecting.

For those simply needing a Dogfight box to house their current game, we now offer fully Reconstructed Game Boxes*. These authentic reproductions are designed to address some of the construction flaws of the originals and should provide many years of front line service.

* To view the Reconstructed Game Boxes, close this window and then click the Restored Games button on the main window.

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