American Heritage DOGFIGHT™ World War I Air Battle Game
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Card Holders

Without a doubt, the Dogfight Squadron card holders were (and are) the most benignly abused item in the set. Their design required the folding of the cardboard at acute angles, and both separation and wear are common problems. Although the 4 different colors were fairly consistent from game to game, the dye lots used in manufacture bleach rather quickly, resulting in a noticeable variation. The good news is that the game only requires one of each holder, so just about any condition will look original. Because condition varies considerably, card holders are offered in three categories. Well-used, mildly-abused holders go for $3.00. Those with moderate wear and no abuse go for $4.00, and those in good condition with bright colors go for $5.00. If you are simply looking for a serviceable holder to complete a game, we have several “repairable” examples for sale at reduced prices.

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