American Heritage DOGFIGHT™ World War I Air Battle Game
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Playing Cards

Because they appear to definitely be a part of a game, playing cards are rarely lost, but where are you going to go when you need one? Damaged cards seem to be much more prevalent, and that annoying bent corner on the Five Burst card will give you away every time. The shades and brightness of the colors varied with different ink lots at printing, so there is a wide variation from deck to deck. We have all playing cards in stock, and can quickly match almost any color and condition of wear so the replacement won’t stand out. Entire matched squadron decks are also available. High value cards can also be judiciously chosen and inserted to “stack” squadron decks…although we would never encourage such a thing…unless betting were involved. High wear cards are a paltry $1.00 each, moderate wear examples are $2.00, and low wear cards are $3.00. There is no charge for matching wear with existing cards, but a sample will be necessary.

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