American Heritage DOGFIGHT™ World War I Air Battle Game
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Losing standard sided and numbered dice is one of those things that is easily remedied…but seldom corrected. I have purchased two “complete and all original” Dogfight games where the dice were non-Milton Bradley issue. In both cases I was asked to “prove it”…and I did. The original MB dice are wooden, which is perhaps one reason the game boards held up so well. Although you certainly don’t need the original dice to game, they do kind of set the tone with their garish color. Those looking to restore a game or sell one as “all original” may easily overlook the dice if a substitute has been made, especially with green or red dice, which seem to complement the playing pieces. The red and gold paint seems consistent from die to die, with color variations being more a reflection of wear from play. They were likely contracted out for manufacture and do appear in other Command Decision Series games. Because you can’t find them in Vegas, individual MB die bring a substantial $3.00…when I sell one…which isn’t often.

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