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Complete Planes

Many games that were actually enjoyed by playing them frequently lost planes, and sometimes entire squadrons. There is a predictable attrition to household pets, couches, and vacuum cleaners, as well as less than surefooted friends.

The Spads came in a variety of greens over the years, from forest shades to marbeled olives (see the “Wings” listing photo). We currently stock a half dozen variations and can usually match existing playing pieces. If 2 or more Spads are missing, it may be advisable to order three matching pieces and create a distinct uniform squadron.

There is very little variation in the Fokkers, with a consistent red from manufactured batch to batch.

Complete planes with propellers are priced at $7.00 for Spads and $6.00 for Fokkers. We do have a few “seconds” — that have either a mottled color or a small crack in the wings — offered at a reduced cost.

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