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Wings are the most commonly requested items (a close second to ace markers). These were frequently put on the planes backwards, pushed on way too hard (breaking them) or not hard enough (falling off into the void).

Although you can play Dogfight just fine with a well archied looking monoplane in your squadron, it just isn’t the same. Because the Spads came in a variety of green hues over the years (the photo illustrates five different variations), it requires a thorough description or a sample playing part to make a correct color match to existing pieces. The Fokkers are much less troublesome and are usually a compatible shade of red regardless of manufactured lot.

Due to the necessity of taking complete planes apart to get wings, they carry a rather hefty price of $5.00 for Spads and $4.00 for Fokkers. You may wish to consider buying an entire color matched plane instead.

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