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Restored Games for Sale

At Last!

After repeated requests (and a few friendly threats) to provide games suitable for gifts, we have spent the last two years (and countless hours) to be able to proudly offer complete, restored games for those who want to PLAY Dogfight, and not just display a collectible.

Please note that we have gone through the exhaustive steps to assure proper (and even legally correct) copyright compliance. We have also built safeguards into our Reconstructed and Reproduction parts to maintain uncompromising ethics with collectors of Original Games. We will not sell reproduction parts to those we believe will misrepresent them as originals, and we can tell you how to spot our quality reissues.

Four basic levels of comprehensiveness (there's a reason we used a 17 letter word here) will be available to meet the requirements of almost any serious gamer, but we remain open-minded and can custom build a game according to your needs and budget. Because we're dealing with 50 year old cardboard of varying quality, some prices are listed by range, and your actual cost will reflect minor differences in the condition of gaming parts included in your set and level of wear. Your attitude also greatly influences our pricing, and we are happy to discuss special circumstances or arrangements — just ask.

Our general policy is to assemble a restored game to your requirements, and then forward images for your review and approval before we box it up and trust it to the U.S.P.S. If our efforts do not meet or exceed your expectations, we offer a full refund for 10 days on postage paid returned games. (An inability to beat another opponent does not necessarily constitute grounds for dissatisfaction.) Although our policy for return is 10 days, if anything is not right in your purchase, we will make it right.

PLEASE do not discard the (unusually cheap and recycled) shipping carton until you decide to keep the game. Because we have to source used games ourselves, and often find that we're embarrassingly short of meeting demand, we may ask you to send the restored game to another customer, rather than back to us. We will gladly refund your out-of pocket shipping expenses if this is the case.

Clicking on the images on the right will open into an alleged “gallery,” with a glib (but complete) description and price.

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Updated: December 13, 2010
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